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Exhibition ▶ Launched RollLite at IBC 2018

fomex | 2018.10.12 15:52 | Hit 4046

IBC 2018

 Exhibition : 2018 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC 2018)
 Host : IBC
 When : 13-17 September, 2018
 Where : Amsterdam, Netherland

Fomex launched RollLite at IBC 2018
For several years, Fomex has showcased freely transformed professional LED lighting for broadcasting at IBC. For this year, Fomex introduced version-up of its flagship products, ‘Flexible LED M series’ and ‘RollLite’.

Fomex has enhanced durability on RollLite in order to minimize consequences of transformation on usage which has a unique technology and patent are concentrated. These products have been evaluated as being good agreement in media market trends by performing manufacture basis that require segmentation, specialization, and precision. And they are willing to provide diverse models from RL31 (45x90cm) to RL66 (2x2m) according to output and specification.

According to Fomex CEO, Jayson states, “We are collecting ideas for system that is capable of ‘unique technology development’ as well as ‘customized flexible manufacturing system’ accordance with the 4th industrial revolution in the small-volume production phase.” and “We will continue to make efforts to secure competitiveness ahead of time.”