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Exhibition ▶ NAB 2019

fomex | 2019.06.17 17:37 | Hit 2904

 NAB 2019

 Exhibition : 2019 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB 2019)
 Host : NAB
 When : April 6 - 11, 2019  
 Where : Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

NAB 2019 was held at Las Vegas Convention Hall from April 18th to 22nd and Fomex presented its flagship product called “RollLite”.

NAB which is hosted by the American Federation of Broadcasting Operators, is the world’s largest broadcasting equipment fair held for the first time in 1922, and this year, around 160 countries and over 1,800 companies participated presenting the expansion of ultra-high definition broadcasting services in the U.S. and the implementation of 5G commercial services, and over 100,000 visitors came to the exhibition.

Fomex RollLite is designed to be transformable regardless of environments based on its powerful lightweight LED lighting technology. Fomex has gained a lot of feedback from users who seek various demanding performance such as various color options, Tungsten and Daylight options, and high color purity that accurately express the subject’s true color with high light intensity.

In addition to the RL31-150w, RL33-300, and RL66-1200w, new models of RL33-200 were added in variation that maximize light intensity and portability. In particular, RL21-75w, RL31-100w which was first unveiled on that day, has a lightweight body of 934g which fulfill user’s needs from design to mobility and as well as its functionality.